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wedding congratulations:

wedding congratulations

wedding congratulations One of the most precious moments which every one awaits is their wedding, to someone they dream of.  It's once in a lifetime magical occasion which bonds two souls together for next coming 6 lives. Everybody wants this occasion of theirs to be the most special and memorable one. And, without family, friends, loved ones and their blessings that would surely be an incomplete one. Irrespective of it being a love marriage or an arranged one, their feelings and expectations remains the same.It's the commitment and the beginning of a family.It is more than a physical union, it's a spiritual and emotional union.

There are many factors that contribute to a successful marriage. Love, Commitment, Trust, Time, Attention, Forgiveness, Partnership, Tolerance,Patience,Honesty, Respect, Sharing etc. It is such a bond which should  be always nurture and maintain through love and understanding. There might be lots and lots of difference in opinions and thought process. Yet, every partner should be open to accept the differences and try to walk on the same rope supporting each other from falling off in to dangers such as miss-conception, lack of understanding and trust.


Just, know that your partner is also another human being and an individual, as you are. They also have their own thoughts, dreams and interests to fulfill. They also might commit some mistakes, some of them might be worse. Prove that you will never leave each others hands until the end, whatever happens. Because, people who might feel it as amusing if you get into fights are in number. Don't give them that happiness.

It is a long journey to travel through this marriage and are in need of best wishes and blessings. Let's give them strength  by doing sorting to build your new life together.congratulations.."

Quotations :

  • Wish the love between you increases day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.Wish you all the luck and prosperity through out your life.

  • Best wishes, as you are starting to build your new life together.May your joining bring a new meaning to the family.

  • Be a friend to each in times of need, foe when you are bored, father/mother while suggesting and a great support while starting something new.Happy married life.
  • May our union flourish forever.Know you since you were a kid, never noticed that you'll get married so soon. Happy married life!

  • It might seem like you are destined to someone on a legal form, but you always mine, dear friend. May god bless you with abundant happiness.

  • My deepest love and wishes stay with you both.

  • We have had many moments together, dare not to forget us, due to a life partner coming in.Congratulations on not being a bachelor any more.

  • May you both be more happy, than what your friendship has brought in to my life.

  • Cheers to the most awesome life, that you are going to begin.

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