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world population day 2021 ,this is an annual event to raise awareness of the state of the population. The day was "founded by the United Nations Development Program in 1989" by the Governing Council. Today, the focus is on population and addressing various issues such as poverty, maternal health, human rights and gender equality in our ecosystem, and the importance of population management through family control. The day  is inspired by the world's population reaching five billion people. But the day was organized to make everyone aware of the state of the population.

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  • Learn as much as you can about the population explosion. If you know the conditions of the population, it will teach you how to cope with the problems. So be aware and follow.

  • There are many benefits to the world population, and knowing and following them will be of great benefit to us.

world population day

  • Good for the benefit of the population, good for the world. So be aware and raise awareness..

  • Reducing the growth rate of population depends on population density, so we can say that all the benefits are realized. So let's celebrate today.

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  • "Leading the nation on the path of development and working with all awareness to bring the world to a great level."

  • Today's World Population Day is about understanding the state of the population and how to control it.To celebrate them, we celebrate World Population Day. "
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  • "Today we celebrate World Population Day for overcoming every circumstance and protecting the world through a population."

  • "World Population Day, hoping to make people aware of population growth rate and make them public"

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