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propose day

Propose day wishes One of the most beautiful moments when the heart throbs, as it doesn't know what would be the other person's reply, is when they confess their love for their loved ones.

Expressing oneself and their feelings is certainly not an easy job.  It's a never ending dream and expectation  for every girl to know how much her partner loves her and of course same goes with men too... Irrespective if gender, it's heart and the thing it ever needs is love, care, affection and pampering.

So, love birds !, put all your egos aside and love your partners as deep as you can and make that bond a solid one which never breaks for silly reasons. Understand each other, adjust for each other. Treasure your moments together for the rest of your lives. It's not necessary that only lovers are meant to propose each other. Dear husbands and wives,shower your love on your better halves by expressing yourself. It's not stupid or childish, know that it's precious!

Quotes :

quotes on propose

  • "You are the reason behind my unexpected and reason less heartthrobs,  please safeguard it in your heart... I Love you"

  • I can't just keep worrying about you. Stay with me for the rest of your life....  Will you!?

  • You are my happiness, my peace, my inspiration and my need. Don't ever dare to leave me, because my love and wants will pull you back, wherever you are....

  • I promise to take care if you like a baby, love you as a wife, respect you as a mother and safeguard you as a father. Will you be my better half ?

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  • You are the perfect filling for the missing parts of my heart. Will you be mine forever !?

  • Seeing you gives  me peace, talking to you brings a life to my heart and I would like to say that spending the rest of my life with you by my side would be eternal. Be my wife....

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  • I want to take this relationship to next level where I would share my mornings with you, fight with you over things when we would console and pacify each other, be a personal stylist, cook together and travel through rest of our nights in each others arms. Are you ready for the adventure ..

  • It seems like I can't spend my life without you by my side. That would be really pathetic. Be my love !

  • Without you, I'm a flower without fragrance. Join with me for the rest of the eternity to let our lives bloom.
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  • I know sharing lives together is not easy. But, I promise to stand by you at all times of pain, share the most happiest moments of life and to love you again and again every time if I ever get frustrated.

  • Despite all our differences, I would love to see myself, loving you and this relation  would be most lovable if you feel the same for me. I Love You !

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