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 love failure quotes:

love failure quotes

love failure quotes : The secret of love is known to loved ones, but loved ones never know, There are many who have lost such love, but it would be foolish to accept those who love us most, When a loved one moves away , The value of love is known only to those who have loved it and those who have lost it ..

Everyone in love knows the value of love, but a good mind should be able to sustain it . There are losers, there are those who quarrel in love, there are those who reject love,They are the most likely to suffer such a confrontation.

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love failure quotations

  • "I don't know what life will be like, but it would be hell if the loved ones didn't talk to us."

  • "Feeling loved is always the same for us as loved ones, but never for those we love. It's true."

  • "Even those in love are annoyed by us, which means they don't like us."

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  • "Better than those we love, who loved us"

  • "The fact that our favorites are leaving means that they are better in your life."

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  • "To think that we are mean to those who do not mean to us and to those we love is nonsense."

  • "Love is always blind, distrust is always to those who love it"

  • "Love only matters to those who know it. But those who don't know it will never understand it."

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