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 international youth day :

international youth day

International Youth Day 2000, August, Celebrating on the 12th, we are celebrating to share with you the importance of Youth. So they are holding some rallies and events related to them and we celebrate this day. They have been performing in a number of fields and doing some activities, finding many experiments for youth ..

Encouraging them to give the youth the inspiration they need is a dream, so every youth is promoted to the future of tomorrow in a variety of spheres, following the procedures and believing that everyone will be happy.

Quotes :

world youth day

  • "The youth of tomorrow will be the future of  many fields,To inspire in all ways"
  • Anything young people can do is possible. There is a power in youth, to give them a sense of achievement in tomorrow's future, heartful Wishes for Youth"

international youth day 2019

  • "Anything is possible for people with a strong desire to achieve a goal. Encouraging them to be able to do whatever work is needed by all young people, encouraging them to do so. wishes to youth"

  • "Happy International Youth Day" to young people who prove that young people have a strong belief that they have a strength, a capability, a power and all"
world youth day 2021

  • Education, Health, Awareness, Harmful Wishes for All Young People to Be Good in the Fields." International Day "

  • What young people need is a great incentive. It is the youth who have the power to achieve whatever task we give them. So let's encourage them to lay the foundation for tomorrow's future"
youth day theme

  • "Happy International Youth Day, hoping to inspire and inspire the generations to come and hope for the future of Youth tomorrow."

  • "Youth itself is a word of celebration. There are so many creativity that young people have. They all inspire them in so many ways"

  • International Youth Day to they strive for the future of the country and in many ways give to their generations."

  • We hope that the talented and  will inspire the future of tomorrow in many ways "Happy International Day"

  • Youth should be a great talent for all, while fulfilling the dream of life "Happy International Youth Day"

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