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 Good night my love:

good night my love

Good Night My Love Night is just not part of a day, but it's kind of a soothing and beautiful feeling.  I say, it is the most beautiful part of complete 24 hrs. It is the part of a day where we remember our best moments, worst fears and the ones we love. Those are lucky who are near to their loved ones. But, for sure everyone of us will miss that one person whom we love. It's not necessary that person should be girlfriend or boyfriend. It could be your mother, father, siblings, friends - anyone that is near to your heart or the ones who own your heart !

Good Night Quotations:

good night message for her

  • Wish that day is near when we cuddle together every night, instead of just imagining it. Good night, my love !

  • However, bad my day is, your company would give me all the comfort I need.

good night love quotes
  • I might be miles away from you, but my soul always stays by your side, holding your hand.  Sleep tight, my dear!

  • Watching you rest over my chest,  will be the best nights I could ever have.

good night love you

  • Let the sky be your bed, stars be your blanket and let this cool breeze comfort you to sleep. Good night honey!

  • Today is an experience to start off something great tomorrow. Have a peaceful night.

  • Sleep so tight that you dream of us being together, but feel like reality. Good night!

  • I Love you to the moon and back.... I know you are smiling looking at this message, I can imagine that and is good enough for me to have a peaceful sleep.

good night message to my love

  • Let the days that keep us away move faster so that one day we can be together. countdown has been already started. Have a pleasant sleep my dove! 

  • Imagining, myself being in your arms makes me sleep better. You are really so cozy !

  • Nights were shorter when I didn't know when would I meet you, but now I know that I'll see you in the morning, surprisingly this night seems to be longer. Can't wait to see you.

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