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 Happy Birthday wishes:

happy birthday wishes

A birthday is a special day for everyone.There is a day that gives them joy as a special means it is going to be their birthday.We are more than eager to celebrate a beautiful birthday.That day has come
and there are so many people telling us in so many different ways to say Wishes.We keep saying Wishes to everyone in the text message. Some wishes for such people Wishes on behalf of "greetsu" for you

Quotes and Messages:

birthday status

  • "Wishing you every day, every year like this, I wish you on my behalf ."Happy Birthday" 

  • "Wishing you a healthy smile and wishing you more birthdays like this, happy birthday to you"

  • "Happy Birthday to you for fulfilling every wish and being happy"

  • "Happy birthday to you, hoping to be happy with everyone and celebrate your birthday like this every year"

  • "As you grow to a higher level you want to be happy and you want to celebrate more such celebrations. Best wishes to you "

  • "We have a special day that gives us joy. It's your birthday. Wishing you a special day like this every year and wishing you a happy birthday."

  • "Happy Birthday to you as a beautiful day, wishing you to celebrate more like this every year"

  • "Best wishes on my behalf, wishing you success and happiness every year and celebrating your birthday happily"

  • "Wishing you a special day in your life and wishing you another such day on your birthday"

  • "Your birthday will give us even more joy as you stay happy with everyone and keep everyone happy. Happy Birthday to you on my behalf to share such joy "
Birthday wishes

Rare and trendy wishes :

  • "Birthday wishes, special wishes for a special person on earth, for his special day"

  • "Happy birthday to you always wishing you a smile and a happy birthday"

  • "Happy birthday wishes to give you many memories and happiness on this special day of the year"

  • "Reach your goals in the future and wish you success and wish you a happy birthday"

  • "When are you happy, wish you a hundred years of life, and wish the Lord your best wishes on your birthday"
  • "Every moment, Every day, Happy birthday to everyone with a laugh every year,celebrating a birthday today For my sake Happy Birthday"

  • “This means there is a special day today. It's your birthday To make this day such a happy day,  Happy birthday to you"

  • "All the time Wish you all the best,Wishing you happiness Happy Birthday to you"

  • "You always want to be healthy, you always want to be happy, wish you a happy birthday"
best birthday wishes

  • "On your birthday, a festive occasion, All blessings to you, Happy birthday to you"

  • "Celebrating this birthday today From you to this day Well done every year Happy birthday to you"

  • "Happy birthday to you as you wish to rise to a higher level in the future"
birthday wishes images

  • "Happy birthday to you, as you wish to celebrate the same birthday every year again and the blessings of the Lord always be with you."

  • “Mom and daddy blessings You always wanted to be loved by family members Happy birthday to you"

  • "We want you to be happy with all that you have accomplished Happy Birthday to my heart ”

bday wishes
  • "You always laugh, Stay happy  Fulfilling your wishes May your life be like this Happy birthday to you"

  • “What special days every year to celebrate a festive season ,You want to be happy with everyone Wishing you a happy birthday"

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